In stock American Woman 165cm TPE Love Dolls G Cup Realistic Sex Doll


The G cup realistic sex doll is a great addition to your collection. This sex doll has been designed to look like a real woman. She comes complete with a full figure that can be used for sexual pleasure. She is made from high-quality TPE material and she is soft to touch. Her skin feels smooth against your hand and her body is firm enough to provide hours of fun. She is compatible with any type of vibrator and dildo. She is perfect for solo play coupe or couples use.

hkSexDoll It is a professional manufacturer of the most popular realistic sex dolls on the market. These sex dolls are exported to Europe, America, and Asia. Our specialization allows for the largest selection of doll styles and head styles, with more controlled quality assurance.

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Blanket x1 | Gloves x1 | Wigs x1 | Combs x1

Doll clothes x1 | Cleaning tool x1 | Heating rod x1


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 Super Realistic Sex Doll C Cup Love Doll 165cm MEASUREMENTS

Height 140 145 152 158 168cm
Upper Bust 67 68 75 81 83cm
Under Bust 49 50 66 72 76cm
Waist 44 45 51 56 57cm
Hip 75 76 78 78 82cm
Neck 26 27 27 30 28.5cm
Shoulder 28 28 32 33 36cm
Arm 54 55 45 41 48cm
Thigh 29 31 33 33 33cm
Leg 38 45 38 50 52cm
Palm 14 14 14 14 16cm
Foot 17 19 19 21 21cm
Mouth 13 13 12 12 11.5cm
Anus 12 12 12 12 15cm
Vagina 16 16 17 17 18cm
Weight 27 27 32 36 43.5kg
>The above content is that the various data of the doll may have some errors due to different measurement methods, which is purely normal.


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Care for adult sex dolls notes
When you make love with a sex doll girlfriend it is recommended to use a “water-based lubricant” when inserting the vagina, anus, and mouth, which will prevent the intimate parts of the doll from breaking after use. Of course, if you wear a condom with enough lubrication is also possible.

This is one of the most common ways people enjoy sex with a love doll. Every female sex doll has a fully functional vagina. Just like having sex with a real woman, you can position the sex doll the way you like, then you insert the doll and continue as usual. The sensation of the penis rubbing back and forth inside the vagina is absolutely amazing.

For many of our dolls, you can even choose between a removable or fixed vagina. We have listed the depth of each doll vaginal opening on our website and you can select a doll that can accommodate your size.

Anal sex is a healthy and very enjoyable way to have sex. There are many people who desire anal sex. But it can be difficult to find a partner who is willing to test it out, let alone enjoy the process with you. The good news is that our male and female sex dolls can fulfill your anal sex desires.
The TPE and silicone material combined with the ultra-fine detailing is designed to provide you with an evocative, super-tight, and intense experience. And it’s guaranteed to blow your mind.

If you prefer doggy style, don’t put weight on your love doll’s hands or wrists. Use a pillow or quilt or other soft object to protect her palms and support your sex doll’s torso underneath her.

Realistic sex dolls have a metal skeleton and the joints in the doll’s body can be bent so that she can be flexible enough to make various poses. Do not pull the limbs and head when moving the doll, be sure to hold the torso, avoid using sharp objects, fire sources, hair dryers, which can hurt the doll’s skin, stretching the limbs and exerting extreme force on the doll, as this can also damage the doll’s soft skin and skeleton.
TPE’s dolls need to be cleaned after sex, you can put her in water or take a bath with her, but be careful not to submerge her head or neck in water. Whether the mouth, hindquarters, or lower body is cleaned, you can use a clean cloth, thick kitchen paper towels that are not easily broken to dry the passages, and then let some of the remaining water dry naturally in the shade. Of course, if through the use of some absorbent stick assistance, can be dried faster.
TPE’s dolls will also have an oily condition, in order to maintain the doll’s skin on the smooth and delicate,  do not get dust. The doll will be cleaned and dried naturally, you can use general prickly heat powder or airplane cup special maintenance powder evenly patted on the doll, it is easy to maintain a smooth and soft condition.
Features of Sex Doll
  1. Sex doll products from China, China has the world’s largest production base for the TPE and silicone sex doll industry, 100% guarantee of the same quality as in the photos.
  2. When you want to see shipping pictures and videos, please feel free to contact The use of physical dolls can greatly enhance the lives of single men and women, effectively regulate some of the tedious, bland, and boring in daily life, can add more color to life. Such as dressing up, sleeping together, photography, cosplay, etc.
  3. Three-layer structure of the chest. Natural soft, similar to the female bust and breast sway.
  4. Finely crafted solid dolls in appearance to maintain a similar appearance to real people, especially in the hair, face, breasts, and other aspects of the real difference, experience the softness of the skin close to human. You can constantly touch the breasts and buttocks of real-life sex dolls, helping users find the “man of their dreams”.
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G Cup Realistic Sex Doll
In stock American Woman 165cm TPE Love Dolls G Cup Realistic Sex Doll
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